World Cat Congress
Annual Meeting

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

21 - 24 April, 2017

WCC delegates

The delegates to the World Cat Congress. Front row, left to right: Julian Schuller (WCF Interpreter), Leo van de Haterd (FIFe), Betty Shingleton (GCCF), Eric Reijers (WCC President), Penny Bydlinski (WCC Secrtary/Treasurer), Annette Sjødin (FIFe), Jan van Rooyen (SACC), Anneliese Hackmann (WCF), Chris Lowe (NZCF), Cheryle U’Ren (CCCA & WCC Vice-President), just behind her, at back, Alex Chisholm (TICA), Robbie Walker (ACF), Mark Hannon (CFA), Rachel Anger (CFA), left of her, in front, Sandi Gemmell (ACF)

Full Report to be published shortly.

The Minutes of the meeting are available for download.