Purpose of the World Cat Congress

the presidents at Sirmione

The Presidents at the WCC in Sirmione, Italy. From left to right: Anneliese Hackmann - WCF, Alva Uddin - FIFe, Giorgia Morgan - TICA, and Craig Rothermal - CFA.

At the meeting in Sirmione, Italy in 1996 a “Mission Statement” was prepared and agreed. This statement summed up the purpose of the WCC:

The object of this Congress is to work openly and honestly together in a spirit of co-operation to improve the health and welfare of all cats and encourage the sharing of resources to promote the interests and to educate the participants of the ‘Cat Fancy’ throughout the world.

The areas in which this co-operation would take place were identified as follows:

  • Open Shows
  • Co-operation in Registration
  • Health in Cats
  • Legislation regarding Cats
  • Educational Material
  • Recognition of Pedigrees
  • Co-operation on Show Dates

These matters have been continually addressed at subsequent meetings and progress has been made in some of the areas. The work will continue, but as long as the will for co-operation for the mutual good of the cats exists, the WCC has an important part to play.