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News from our members around the globe 2017-1

Australian Cat Federation Inc

Lesley Morgan with John and Neil Evans

Shimma Kinda Special, a Russian owned and exhibited by Alan & Janis Christison and bred by Lucy Nikiforos

The 2016 ACF National was hosted by one of our Queensland member bodies, Queensland Feline Association (QFA) in the capital Brisbane, judges representing CFA, TICA, NZCF and ACF officiated over two days and six rings. The Lance Barnard AO award for Supreme Exhibit was won by CH Kimara Blu Shimma Kinda Special, a Russian owned and exhibited by Alan & Janis Christison and bred by Lucy Nikiforos.

The seminar held on Monday included presentations by Dr Ian Williams BVSc, Royal Canin on Nutrition for Queens & Kittens, Lorraine Shelton, Link between Colour and Temperament was enjoyed by all present, Karpati, a new pattern that has emerged in domestic cats in the Carpathian Mountains and is similar in appearance to the Lykoi the “werewolf cat”. Jamie Christian presented the Lykoi a new breed which was elevated to Championship status with TICA from 1 May 2017. Heather Roberts, a TICA judge introduced the Singapura and Brian Pearson, CFA presented the Turkish Angora which was given recognition at the 2016 General meeting the following day.

The ACF Cat Legislation Committee was formed with representatives from each state, the purpose of the committee is to increase knowledge of cat legislation in each state and work towards uniformity of cat legislation nationally for the benefit of cats and responsible cat breeding and cat ownership. Joy Verrinder representing the Animal Welfare League and convenor of the G2Z Project, was appointed as an advisor to the committee.

G2Z is about community based change, it exists to advocate for the reduction of abandonment and killing/euthanasia of companion animals around Australia. This is achieved by supporting the organisations on the front line as well as working with those that influence policy at the various levels of government. G2Z supports responsible and ethical rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of companion animals and has been developed primarily to deal with cats and dogs, although other companion animal species are not excluded or valued any less.

Another year has passed as everyone prepares for this year’s National 10th – 13th June, hosted by GCCFV one of our Victorian member bodies. Judges from the USA, the Netherlands and the various states of Australia will be officiating over two days of judging, we can look forward to some very interesting presentations at the seminar to be held on the Monday followed by a full agenda at the Annual General and General Meetings on the final day.

Robbie Walker

International Liaison Officer,
Australian Cat Federation Inc


The Cat Fanciers' Association


Committee Chair: Rachel Anger
List of Committee Members: Mark Hannon, Rich Mastin, Terri Barry
Event Manager; Vendors: Allene Tartaglia
Show Manager: Rhonda Avery
Seminar Coordinator: Lorraine Shelton
Entertainment: Darrell Newkirk, Ellyn Honey
Sponsorships: Verna Dobbins
Raffle Committee: Cindy Yanez and Liz Armitage

Rio Hotel, Las Vegas, site of the 2017 World Cat Congress

Rio Hotel, Las Vegas, site of the 2017 World Cat Congress

Brief Summation of Immediate Past Committee Activities:
Each association hosts the World Cat Congress event on a rotation basis. This year, CFA was delighted to be hosting, and we were ready! On April 21-24, 2017, eleven World Cat Congress delegates, three advisors and numerous guests met in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Rio Hotel. The festivities were coordinated by a hard-working team of CFA volunteers and personnel. Allene Tartaglia, assisted by husband Kent, made sure that every detail went smoothly. They hosted a hospitality suite throughout the entire event where delegates could mingle informally and grab a bite to eat with beverages of their choice, which offered everyone an opportunity to relax and interact as a group. It was a great hit!

As they arrived in Las Vegas, the delegates were greeted at the airport by Darrell Newkirk and/or Ellyn Honey, who provided a tremendous amount of local coordination and assistance, making sure our international visitors had a memorable time.

CFA treated the delegates to a dinner Wednesday night at Oyshi, an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. On Thursday, the delegates, advisors and guests were treated to a tour of Hoover Dam, which included a stop at Ethel M Candy Shop and Cactus Garden.

A seminar was held on Friday, sponsored by Royal Canin, who provided a wonderful lunch and generous gift bags for all attendees. The seminar was smoothly coordinated by Lorraine Shelton, who has been a past WCC speaker and organizer. Approximately 60 fanciers were in attendance. Speakers and topics included the following:
WCC Secretary/Treasurer Penny Bydlinski presented a History of the World Cat Congress, with a presentation from each organization consisting of brief updates on activities within their associations.
Dr. Rick Kesler, the Scientific Services Veterinarian at Royal Canin, spoke on Nutrition and Reproduction, particularly the importance of nutrition in the pregnant queen and kittens, with an emphasis on the challenges of the weaning process and the importance of protein in the establishment of the immune system in kittens.
Dr. Vicki Thayer, Executive Director of the Winn Feline Foundation, spoke on research updates as well as the Foundation’s upcoming 50th Anniversary celebration. She gave an overview of the $6 million of research into feline health that Winn has sponsored over the past five decades. Dr. Thayer joined the Winn Feline Foundation Board of Directors in 2008 and served as board president from June 2011 to June 2014, at which time she became Executive Director.
Dr. Heather Lorimer, genetics professor at Youngstown State University, gave a presentation entitled Genetics 101. Her presentation had something of interest for everyone in the audience, from those with only a basic knowledge of genetics to advanced topics concerning feline health, population genetics and inbreeding, and immunology.
The CFA Judging Program’s Education Chairperson Pat Jacobberger spoke on the Ethics and Psychology of Judging, a very popular presentation that is included in the CFA Breed Awareness and Orientation School. She discussed how short-term memory works and how it can be affected by distractions, physical condition and emotional states, and how decision making changes over a judge’s career from an analytic style to a more holistic style as they gain experience.
The delegates had expressed interest in seeing a uniquely American breed, so a presentation by the founders of the American Curl, Grace and Joe Ruga, was given. Several examples of the breed were in attendance, as well.
Karen Lawrence, Manager of the Feline Historical Museum and member of The CFA Foundation’s Board of Directors, shared the history of the Museum and its archive, including some artifacts from the early years of the British cat fancy and recent acquisitions.
Laureline Malineau, Professional Communication Manager for Royal Canin, gave a presentation on the continuing relationship between RC and the World Cat Congress. RC’s sponsorship of cat shows and educational events around the world has made them a valuable asset to our hobby.

Following cocktails in the CFA suite, Friday concluded for the delegates, advisors, guests and some of the CFA cat show judges with a Cirque du Soleil show at the Bellagio provided by CFA.

CFA hosted a 6x6 hotel show in one of the beautiful ballrooms at the Rio

CFA hosted a 6x6 hotel show in one of the beautiful ballrooms at the Rio.

On Saturday and Sunday, CFA hosted a 6x6 hotel show in one of the beautiful ballrooms at the Rio, expertly managed by Show Manager Rhonda Avery (who was also the entry clerk and master clerk).

Royal Canin debuted their new booth which contributed greatly to the overall look of the show hall. Royal Canin also hosted a photo “activation” where Richard Katris of Chanan Photography did a quick photo shoot in an area of Royal Canin’s booth specifically set up for this purpose, and the cat’s owner was provided with a thumb drive containing the pictures of their cat immediately following the session.

Royal Canin was the main sponsor, with additional sponsorships provided by Dr. Elsey’s and Sturdi (who sponsoring neck wallets for the exhibitors). All three had large booths at the show. A spectacular raffle was organized by Liz Armitage and Cindy Yanez. Bob Roseberry and Megan Antijunti set up the cages and worked around the different clubs that decorated the rings. The show hall was resplendent with a variety of beautiful ring decorations provided by area clubs, including Crown City Cat Club, Opposites Attract Cat Club, Las Vegas Cat Club, Poinsettia Cat Club, Los Colores Cat Club, Desert Cats Cat Club and Orientals West Cat Club. Rhonda would like to give special thanks to the members of the Los Colores Cat Club, particularly Michael Shelton, who realized there was an issue with one of our judges, which resulted in the best outcome possible. Allene Tartaglia was again indispensible by being everywhere during the show.

It is customary for the host association to invite some of the delegates to judge the show, and CFA was fortunate to be able to offer our exhibitors the expertise of world-renowned judges Cheryle U’Ren (CCCA), Christine Lowe (NZCF), Jan van Rooyen (SACC), Fate Mays (TICA), Sandi Gemmel (ACF) and Eric Reijers (FIFe), who were all very well received by our exhibitors. The CFA judging panel consisted of Rachel Anger, Wain Harding, Darrell Newkirk, Ken Currle, Larry Adkison, Gary Powell, Ellyn Honey and Vicki Nye. Lots of vendors participated in the show. CFA was very happy to have a strong gate both days, consisting primarily of local residents who were attending their first cat show. Let’s just say that they were blown away!

Special thanks to the ring sponsors, which included CFA Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and the International Division, Bombay Enthusiasts of America, Cat-a-Lina Cats Cat Club,, Cleveland Persian Society, Crown City Cat Club, Garden State Cat Club, Hong Kong Black Cat Club, Hong Kong and Macao Cat Club, Las Vegas Cat Club, Los Colores Cat Club, National Capital Cat Show, Orientals West Cat Club, and Superstition Cat Club.

We would like to call out the Las Vegas Cat Club with a special THANK YOU for giving up the weekend and allowing the World Cat Congress show to be held on their traditional date. The logistics in bringing the cat fancy’s world leaders to one location on one particular weekend are immense, and we could not have even begun the project without the LVCC’s generosity.

Delegates, advisors and guests who were not judging the show were treated to a tour of the Mob Museum, the Red Rock Canyon and/or outlet shopping. They enjoyed such American delicacies as IHOP and In N Out Burger.

A gala dinner was held on Saturday night at Carmine’s, a well-known family style Italian restaurant located in the Forum Shops at Caesars.

Officers and Delegates at the Seminar

Officers and Delegates at the Seminar - back row from left to right: Annette Sjødin (FIFe), Betty Shingleton (GCCF), Jan vn Rooyen (SACC), Fate Mays (TiCA), Eric Reijer (WCC President)
Front row: Penny Bydlinski (WCC Secretary), Anneliese Hackmann (WCF), Sandi Gemmell (ACF), Cheryle U’Ren (CCCA and WCC Vice-President) and Chris lowe (NZCF).
Standing between: Rachel Anger (CFA).

On Monday, the World Cat Congress event culminated with the business meeting of the delegates. A continental breakfast and lunch was provided by Royal Canin.

The following representatives attended:
President/Chair: Eric Reijers
Vice President/CCCA Delegate: Cheryle U’Ren
Secretary/Treasurer: Penelope Bydlinski
ACF Delegate: Sandi Gemmel
ACF Advisor: Robbie Walker
CFA Delegate: Rachel Anger
CFA Advisor: Mark Hannon
FIFe Delegate: Annette Sjødin
FIFe Advisor: Leopold van de Haterd
GCCF Delegate: Betty Shingleton
NZCF Delegate: Chris Lowe
SACC Delegate: Jan van Rooyen
TICA Delegate: Alex Chisholm (substituting for Fate Mays)
WCF Delegate: Anneliese Hackmann
WCF Adviser: Julian Schuller

Highlights of the meeting included:
Mr. Reijers was re-elected President for a two year term.
WCC business included agreement that the host member shall liaise with the WCC Executive on its seminar format and content; bank account signatory policy; inter-association communications.
A subcommittee was formed to explore a policy regarding suspension and/or expulsion of a member.
A report on the Royal Canin Encyclopedia and gala book launch was given by Laureline Malineau.
Standardized nomenclature for breeds.
Head type and ear set on Siamese and Orientals in various parts of the world.

Future WCC Events:
2018 – Europe (Sweden or Italy) hosted by FIFe.
2019 – Capetown, South Africa hosted by SACC.
2020 – Perth, Australia hosted by ACF.
2021 – Great Britain, to celebrate the anniversary of the first Crystal Palace Cat Show, hosted by GCCF.

After a long and enjoyable stay, the delegates then dispersed to the four corners of the world with a little more insight into American culture, CFA cats and the casino experience. On behalf of the Committee, President Hannon received compliments from the delegation on CFA’s exceptional generosity, with concern being expressed by the FIFe delegate that it was going to be a very hard act to follow, as they will be hosting the event in Europe next year.

The World Cat Congress is generously sponsored by Royal Canin. On behalf of CFA, I would like to publicly thank Royal Canin for their support, and the CFA Board of Directors for approving a generous budget line item so that we could present a world class event to highlight our association. The entire event could not have taken place without all the volunteers.

Future Projections for Committee:
Royal Canin is hosting a book launch gala for its Cat Encyclopaedia in Montpellier, France June 20-24, 2017, to which all of the WCC delegates were invited. CFA President Mark Hannon is attending for CFA.

What Will be Presented at the Next Meeting:
Details of the Royal Canin book launch and the 2018 WCC event will be discussed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank President Hannon and this Board of Directors for allowing me to proudly represent The Cat Fanciers’ Association on this world stage. The WCC is important to the global welfare of all cats, and CFA is an important part of that effort.

Respectfully Submitted,
Rachel Anger, CFA 2017 Delegate to the World Cat Congress