World Cat Congress Member News

News from our members around the globe 2010-2

The Australian Cat Federation

Miamber Mystic Shadow a brown shaded silver Burmilla shorthair.

Newest Member Body

Cats Victoria Inc staged its first show on December 5th, in Melbourne. Though it has existed for over a year, its debut show was not able to be staged until then, but CVI has now established its place in the Victorian cat fancy. Supreme Exhibit in Show in both rings was the delightful male kitten Miamber Mystic Shadow (pictured), a BML n 31 11 (brown shaded silver Burmilla shorthair, Burmese expression), further evidence that the Burmilla has truly 'arrived' in Australia after many years of hard work by a small group of breeders.

ACF utilises the FIFe standard for Burmilla

This is thus far only recognised in silver; in either tipped or shaded pattern. It is by no means a silver European Burmese, as this photo illustrates. ACF also recognises the Burmilla Longhair which is actually a semi-longhaired version of the elegant, medium-foreign shorthaired original. Again, the Burmilla LH should never be confused with the "Australian Tiffanie" (a cat closely resembling WCF’s "Chinchilla Longhair"), which is not recognised by ACF or CCCA.

Australia (some might claim 'the world') has lost its grande dame of British, "Tops" Jowett

"Tops" Jowett

“Topps” Jowett, along with husband Trevor, introduced the British Shorthair to our country. The 'Redwyton' cats were famous not just for type but also for extraordinary coat and "Tops" was much respected not only as a breeder but also as an AB judge. Exhibits bred by Trevor and Tops hold the record for the greatest number of Best in Show wins at ACF National Shows (think Australia's version of the World Show or the Supreme), even though the score was mainly achieved at one or two ring Nationals, between 1975 and 1999. She is pictured in 1993, with Redwyton Minehaha, a 2 y o spay, unanimous winner of Supreme Exhibit at the 1993 National Show (panel: A Uddin, FIFe, T Herbst, ACFA, H Lowe, ACF). She will live on in the judges (Australian and many from farther afield) who learned so much from her about "her" breed.


Co-Ordinating Cat Council of Australia

CCCA Annual General Meeting

The AGM was held in November and the following Officer Bearers were elected:
Chairperson: Anne Eckstein
Vice Chair: Denis Turner
Secretary: Shirley Sargent
Treasurer: Allan Davies.
ILO: Cheryle Uren

Silver Burmese

At the general meeting, which followed, member bodies ratified the motion to remove Silver Burmese from the recognised list of Breed and Colour Standards.

Australian National Cats

A motion was passed unanimously to permit members of Australian National Cats to exhibit at all CCCA National shows.

National Conference

The 2011 National Judges Conference will be held in Brisbane and hosted by CFCCQ.

National Show 2011 Hosted by NSWCFA

Arrangements for the 2011 National Show are well in hand. Major sponsors will be Royal Canin and OzPet Litter. Show is on 16th and 17th July at Castlehill Stadium, It is a two-day show, there will be six rings, with International and National judges officiating.


Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

gccf logo

This year we are celebrating the GCCF's 100th. Anniversary, a Gala Event is being organised to take place in May 2011.

There is a new logo marking the event.

Council Meetings

GCCF Council Meetings are held annually and are attended by Delegates from Affiliated Clubs, there are on average 120 delegates attending, so you can imagine this can be a somewhat "lively" meeting.

The November Meeting has just taken place; this is a brief resumé of decisions that were ratified from our Executive Committee:

  • The process of the GCCF becoming a Limited Company is now complete, it has taken just over a year from when the idea was first floated to becoming an actuality and it is great to know that there have been no objections to our name remaining the "Governing Council of the Cat Fancy".
  • Cat Welfare Trust: The Chairman reported on a new project to be led by Bristol & Manchester Universities in the UK and the UC Davis in the USA, there is to be a study into the genetics of feline infectious disease, particularly FIP, and further work into the genetic diversity of breeds. This is really exciting news and will also help with valid response to any adverse media criticism on the breeding of pedigree cats.
  • Rule Changes For Kitten Sales: At present, if kittens are not registered at the time of sale a breeder is expected to provide a full pedigree with appropriate breed and registration numbers, and a copy of the mating certificate. The intention is to make it possible for the new owner to register with the GCCF. This rule has now been updated so that if a parent is not registered with the GCCF, but another registry, the necessary paperwork to make GCCF registration possible should be included.
  • Show Rule Changes: From June 2011 all shows held by the GCCF affiliated clubs are to be Championship ones. The categories of Exemption and Sanction will no longer take place. There was a very lively discussion before the rule was passed as in the past the Exemption and Sanction shows were considered the "training" ground for Show Managers. This aspect has been referred back to the Executive for further specification of Show Manager's training.

Our Supreme Show

Supreme Champion: Julescoon Dexter

Supreme Champion: Julescoon Dexter

The GCCF Supreme Show has just taken place with 1448 Exhibits entered.

The winners are:

  • Supreme Champion: Julescoon Dexter, a brown classic tabby Maine Coon, owned and bred by Mr & Mrs R.J. Gregson (pictured)
  • Supreme Kitten: Biboukatz Violinka, a blue Exotic, owned by Mr Rewcastle and bred by Mrs Basey-Fisher
  • Supreme Neuter: Ch & Supreme UK Imperial Gr Pr Chrisan Camelott, a Cornish Rex owned by Mrs E Hummerston and bred by Mrs Thompson


The New Zealand Cat Fancy

Election Results

There are two new Executive Council Members elected: Cheryle St Clair-Newman and Patricia Smith. The NZCF Chairman is Annette Dunn.


A new constitution was adopted by the AGM, to be followed by the review of all governance documents.

Earthquake 7.1 MAGNITUDE

Christchurch was not known as a major fault line in NZ – but the power of nature is unforgiving and a number of our members will not be able to return to their homes or place of work because of the damage. 150,000 claims for damage have been lodged with the Earthquake Commission.

Mine Disaster: NZCF Members help with relief

29 miners died in the Pike River Coal mine (Greymouth – South Island) explosion, this was an international disaster with men from Scotland, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand being taken. A memorial service was attended by delegates from many countries, with messages from all over the world. NZCF members have been actively involved in providing food for the affected families.


The International Cat Association

TICA U web site

TICA University Opens It's Doors

TICA U is all about cats and focuses on educating not only cat lovers, but the public, about the welfare of ALL cats around the world. Cat lovers, cat show exhibitors and breeders are encouraged to use TICA U to educate other cat lovers! Everyone who registers with TICA U will receive updates on cat information, and can use the site as a tool to provide kitten buyers and fellow cat lovers with information on grooming, vet care, nutrition, playing with your cat, and more!

Here's what cat lovers can learn at TICA U:

  • How to exercise your cat!
  • Cat nutrition
  • Veterinary care
  • Cat-related careers and working with cats
  • The cat in history
  • The artful cat
  • Famous cat characters in novels
  • Cat psychology
  • Homemade cat treats

There is also a section for kids. Coloring books. Art. Games. Crafts. Fun things that not only kids can use, but parents and teachers!

Enroll in TICA U today!

Guinness World Record logo

Maine Coon Captures Guinness World Record

Mymains Stewart Giligan (aka Stewie) owned by Robin Henrickson of Reno, Nevada captured the Guinness World Records' title of the world's longest domestic cat.

Mymains Stewart Giligan, Guinness World Record holder

Stewie, a 5-year-old Maine Coon registered in TICA measured from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail, 48.5 inches!

The previous record holder also was a Maine Coon-Verisimo Leonetti Reserve Red (aka Leo) who captured the title in 2008 when he measured an exact 47 inches.

Congrats Stewie and Robin!