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Colourpoint Shorthair

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      CFA olorpoint Shorthair            
Breed Name     Colorpoint Shorthair            
Recognition status full
Breed code                  
Allowable outcrosses     Siamese            
Recognised colours     solid colours:
red point,

cream point

lynx (tabby) point colours:
seal lynx point,

blue lynx point,

chocolate lynx point,

lilac lynx point,

red lynx point,

cream lynx point,

seal-tortie lynx point,

chocolate-tortie lynx point,

blue-cream lynx point,

lilac-cream lynx point

seal-tortie point,

blue-cream point,

chocolate-tortie point,

lilac-cream point
Breeding restrictions     Oriental litters born after June 15, 2010, no Oriental litters (SH Division) that result from a pointed to pointed breeding (i.e. Any cross between a Pointed Oriental (SH Division) and Siamese or a Colourpoint Shorthair or a Pointed Oriental), will be permitted.

Such matings will not be registrable for litters born after June 15, 2010.
Special notes