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Breed Name Cymric Cymric   Cymric   Cymric Cymric Cymric Cymric
Recognition status full full see Manx Longhair full not recognised full full full full
Breed code       CYM   CYM   CY  
Allowable outcrosses British Shorthair
Allowable matings
For breeding purposes only, the Manx/Cymric breed group comprises the following tail lengths:
Rumpy Riser
Manx/Cymric may be mated within the breed group, with the exception of Rumpy x Rumpy.
Individually approved domestic longhairs   Manx or to be individually approved   British


Breed group only, no unknowns none
Recognised colours All colours allowed with the exception of amber All colours and patterns   All colour varieties and patters including those with white   All colours accepted in the British Group All colours and patterns All colours and divisions All colours and patterns
Breeding restrictions Matings of Rumpy Manx/Cymric to Rumpy Manx Cymric are not permitted. Rumpy to rumpy matings totally unacceptable   Rumpy to Rumpy matings are not allowed   Cats in the Manx group are fully intermateable with British shorthair (Manx, Isle of Man, Cymric, Tasman Manx, Tasman Isle of Man) none none none
Special notes Rumpy and Rumpy Riser are judged together and Stumpy in their own classes.
Rumpy Rise (a rise of bone at the end of the spine which does not stop the hand)
Cats with one or two tailbones will be registered as Stumpy Manx (maximyum length of tail is 3cm).